It’s time to toss your outdated SAT/PSAT prep materials!

The Collegeboard has made significant changes to the SAT; the most obvious is that the test is now a digital test. Dana and Robyn have been hard at work to understand these changes and what they mean for high school students taking the test. The most important bit of advice: toss the old test prep materials—this is a decidedly different test!

In recent weeks, we’ve been busy reviewing the preliminary results of this fall’s results of the PSAT with students and families, attending additional training and digging into the preparation options available to students. As a result, we are busy modifying our test preparation recommendations.

The most signfiicant changes to the test include:

  1. The is now section adaptive. What does this mean? Based on the results of an initial “moderate” difficulty section, test-takers will either get an easier or more difficult second section.
  2. The reading prompts are shorter!
  3. And these prompts require the students to answer different kinds of questions.
  4. A calculator is available throughout the math.

Please reach out if you’d like to set up time to review your student’s PSAT or SAT scores from the fall! We are ready to make recommendations.

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