5 Ways Teens Can Volunteer While Sheltering in Place


5 Ways Teens Can Volunteer While Sheltering in Place

1. Assist the elderly with buying groceries. Students could organize this through neighborhood associations, churches, other service associations, such as The Lions Club or Honor Societies at their school, and/or social media, using sites such as NextDoor, or help expand Invisible Hands to your area.


2. There is also a current desperate need for masks for healthcare workers. #MillionMaskMayday even tells you how you can make them yourself so you can donate them.


3. Remote volunteer tutoring for younger children — again, students could use Nextdoor, social media, community organizations and even their own teachers to find elementary school teaching colleagues who might spread the word and contact parents who might find it useful to have a teen help children with homework, teach lessons or activities, or just read-aloud remotely.


4. Virtual Fundraising


5. Students with programming skills can do home-based coding for nonprofits that need help through organizations such as Code for Social Good, Benetech, or DonateCode. These students could also help develop apps or websites for some of the efforts listed above: helping coordinate neighborhood food service to the elderly, and/or families looking for remote tutors.