Junior Year – Preparing to Apply for College

Junior Year- Preparing to Apply to College

The junior year of high school is one of the most important years for college planning. We offer a junior plan that includes 5 appointments. We believe this process is unique to each student and should happen authentically over time with the support from family.

Takeaway— Our goal is to help the student:

  • Build an appropriate college list for the student based on “good fit” for college major, rigor, goals, finances, student life, geography, and more.
  • Begin pre-writing activities to help ease the student into the college application writing needed to complete applications.
  • Be engaged in the college/career process.
  • Complete a full testing plan appropriate for the college list and goals.
  • Support the family/student in appropriate college visits and experiences.
  • Develop a resume of experiences supportive of their college list and scholarship goals.
  • Discover additional outside enrichment opportunities as appropriate, such as: research, summer experiences, and independent projects.
  • Develop an authentic college major/career identity through job shadow suggestions, course recommendations, internet searches, and other assignments.

Timing: It is best to begin this process in July or August ahead of Junior Year, but we continue to accept new students throughout Junior Year as space allows.

For more questions about the Junior Year Advising Plan, please contact us.