In general, psychotherapy involves a service provider speaking with and advising clients in order to increase their self-awareness and meet their goals to improve functioning. Treatment goals will be discussed and agreed upon by the therapist and client. Therapy involves active participation and work on the part of the client and therapist. Potential benefits include
symptom reduction, solution to specific problems, increased well-being, improved relationships, increased self- knowledge, a sense of pride, increased self-esteem, freedom from destructive patterns of behavior, and increased overall enjoyment of life. Due to the fact that sensitive and emotionally painful events or feelings may be discussed in treatment, potential risks include experiencing uncomfortable feelings like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration, or helplessness.

At the AAC, we recognize the necessity of balancing ongoing support with busy schedules and daily life. That’s why we offer several options for recurring appointments, including weekly, bi-weekly, and telehealth (virtual) options. Our hours are flexible to meet student needs, which includes evening hours on select days. Appointments are typically scheduled for one-hour which is traditional in an outpatient setting. Dr. Fillmore also has unique training and experience in 30-minute, solution-focused therapy, which many families find most appropriate to suit their needs.