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Academic Achievement Center (AAC) Philosophy

AAC believes adolescence through young adulthood is a critical time in which achievement should be considered in the greater context of the overall health and development of the individual—something The AAC refers to as “healthy achievement”. Our hope is that the young people we work with will flourish into thriving adults. For each adolescent or young adult, the college and career process is a personal one. We strive to support this process by helping them learn why and how to make choices through a range of resources and experiences, such as through the use of gold-standard assessments (e.g. MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, Clifton Strengths Finder), as well as written intake and conversations. The goal is to help each adolescent and young adult we work with to understand their strengths, motivations, interests, preferences, and skills they’d like to develop. Our recommendations are rooted in years of experience supporting young people as well as research-based practices aimed at supporting individual goal achievement in healthy ways.

We have been fortunate to work with hundreds of young people in the college admissions and readiness process as well as those pursuing career changes or early career guidance. It is a privilege to walk through this journey with our students and families.

Robyn Spoon

Dana Partin