College & Highschool Planning

College and High School Planning Services at The Achievement Center

We believe in the uniqueness of the students and the families we work with. For each family, the college admissions process is a personal one. It is important for the student to begin the process understanding who they are and what is important to them.

Figuring that out can take many forms, but often we begin by using the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory to help the student better understand their motivations and preferences. Once we have a clear understanding of what we are looking for, we work with the family and student to develop an appropriate college list and a plan to tackle the admissions process. Our process always involves a lot of encouragement, plenty of discussions, formal assessments, customized college review forms (I call these “Scavenger Hunts” with my students), resume development, essay work, and whatever else is needed for each student.

We have been fortunate to work with hundreds of young people in the college admissions process. Each year we look forward to the new students entering The Academic Achievement Center to begin this process. It is a privilege to walk through this journey with our families.

The links below will connect you with appropriate links based on your student’s grade:

8th and 9th grade: This is a great time for a Custom High School Plan.

10th through 12th grade: Beginning in the second semester of 10th grade students are ready for full College Major and Career Assessments.

11th grade: We offer a plan for high school juniors that focuses on the college pre-application process (college list building, testing plan, pre-writing for essays and more.

12th grade: We work with those entering 12th grade on selecting and applying to college.

Beyond high school: Many students leave high school and find that they are still struggling to find the right career “fit”.