Virtual Meetings – COVID-19 Policy

The Academic Achievement Center is dedicated to helping support families and students in school and life. The Academic Achievement Center not only provides educational support, but vital counseling services. As such, we are taking extra precautions in our office during this time to ensure we will remain healthy to provide those necessary services. We are limiting our exposure personally through social distancing and increased cleaning standards. We have moved meetings that exceed one person from small conference rooms into our larger workspace to allow for social distancing. We have increased cleaning to occur between every family. Finally, we are all taking our temperatures each day before we come in to work.

We ask our families and students to meet with us virtually, if:
1) You have been exposed to anyone who is symptomatic with COVID-19 (cough, fever, etc).
2) You are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or have tested positive for COVID-19.
3) You have traveled outside of Indiana in the past 14 days.
4) You have any concerns, and would like to meet virtually, just let us know. We will send you the appropriate links with all of the necessary resources (40% of our clients are virtual; we are well-equipped to conduct college major meetings, high school planning meetings, college application work, academic accountability and support meetings; we CAN NOT, however, conduct diagnostic and evaluation appointments remotely).

Normally, our policy is “the more the merrier”. However, during this time we would appreciate limiting attendance at meetings to only those parties central to the situation. We ask that you keep siblings at home. We would appreciate limiting attendance at meetings to one parent. We are more than happy to allow a second parent to “call in”. This is something we have often done in the past when a decision-maker or guardian has been unable to attend in person.

The Academic Achievement Center is a small business that is dedicated to continue supporting families and students. Please help us keep everyone safe during this time.

Thank you,
Robyn Spoon

Contact us to set up a virtual meeting.